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Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction

Initial development of original Bad Thugs concept

This is the first collaboration of two of the most influential producers of our time


Shooting begins on 'Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction'

Shooting takes place in corn field in Central Saanich, BC, luxury home of producer "Michael Burshtyn", and dallas road beach near clover point, Victoria, BC

Corn field catastrophe is narrowly averted by the use of the backup battery - shooting continues and the producers breath a sigh of relief


Shooting ends on 'Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction'

Co-star "Relax" - portrayed by the voice of Keanu Reeves - goes into a deep depression and is only reachable through his agent


Editing begins on 'Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction'

Trouble with "Relax" situation is delayed as editing is given priority until "Relax" is reachable


"Relax" vows never to work with the producers again - demands to be removed from the final two scenes of 'Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction'

Keanu Reeves is left disappointed

28/8/99 Editing complete for 'Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction' with "Relax" removed from the final two scenes (version with "Relax" in the final two scenes is never to be found again)

Official release of 'Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction'

Receives rave reviews and fans demand more


Bad Thugs 2 - Assassanation Destination
9/9/99 Initial development of original Bad Thugs sequel
16/9/99 Authorization for a full development of a sequel is obtained

Creative executive "Yoko Takashima" decides project needs better equipment than that used for 'Bad Thugs - Episode 1 - The Abduction'

Digital camera authorization is obtained

7/10/99 Project is in jeopardy as producers encounter difficulties with scheduling

Project is sent into a tailspin as the producers refuse to schedule nessesary time to development

Fans become restless as news of this spreads


More bad news for the project as one of the producers does not arrive at a project meeting

Fans are shocked and burn New York City


Project is considered dead as riots occur in sixteen centers around the world as a direct result of the producers lack of attention to the importance of the project

Banks reposses the estate of producer "Colin Phillips" - fans declare it a national monument and demand its immediate release


Producers have brief renewed interest in the project only to fall into seperate coma's on exactly the same day (both wake up from coma's in time for Christmas and Hanukkah only to fall back into coma's until new years eve)

Eastern religions pray for well being of producers


Producers finally decide to once again re-collaborate on the project as a sign of good faith towards man kind

Day of celebration is declared in 151 countries, world peace is obtained

20/1/2000 Project is threatened by unnamed man, authorities detain him for 5 days whereupon he is murdered upon his release by an alien from planet hollywood
22/1/2000 Script meeting is arranged at Trump Towers, 40 pounds of bagels are consumed by the producers as are 6 bellboys
Story line is leaked by producer "Michael Burshtyn". Decision is made by producer "Colin Phillips" to execute the person the information was leaked to. Producer "Michael Burshtyn" comes up with an even more fiendish idea, and decides to recruit the person. The person is hired unofficially as co-producer, but goes on to be director of cinematography
Producer "Michael Burshtyn" takes out contract on webmaster's life for misspelling his name in the above cell (currently corrected).

Second script meeting is arranged, this time at Rockefeller Center. Second half of the movie is finalized. The producers are consulted and approval is given to shoot at will.

One producer is shot.

30/1/2000 Miraculous recovery by producer "Colin Phillips" after being shot by an Elvis Presley look alike - full recovery by the end of the day - producers get an idea for another movie while attending hockey game three weeks later.
31/1/2000 - 6/2/2000

Producers, writers, and other various staff meet to formalize the script and shooting arrangement. Auditions are held. Producers are unimpressed by the talent. Many people are given thier outright release.

Role of "L.B." is developed more as the importance of the role is realized - Dr. Seuss is unavailable for comment.

7-8/2/2000 Final script meetings are held. Producers make final cuts to production and staff and ready themselves for the shooting of thier most important film yet, "Bad Thugs 2: Assassanation Destination".
11/2/2000 Shooting begins on location in Deep Cove, BC and Sidney, BC, producers contemplate moving the shooting locations to the Australian rainforest but decide that the Australian rainforest was just a figment of thier imagination.
11/2/2000 Difficulties are encountered as the microphone is found to be faulty. Fight breaks out over who's fault it was. Finally the decision is made to blame the producers' dog after it is found that the dog had nothing to do with it.
11/2/2000 Producer "Colin Phillips" find a major flaw in the theoretical story line of the movie. Minor adjustment are made to his shirt and shooting continues.
12/2/2000 Pre-shooting meeting is held, it is decided that the meeting was in fact held before shooting for the day.
12/2/2000 Shooting takes place once again on location at producer "Michael Burshtyn's" luxury home. As well, later in the day shooting takes place at producer "Colin Phillips's" mansion. Actor "Adam Love" decides that "Michael Burshtyn's" luxury home has better toys and refuses to be a part of the shoot at "Colin Phillips's" mansion. Bribery technique is used and actor "Adam Love" is surprisingly cooperative thereafter.
12/2/2000 Actor "Richard Hoar" is traumatized by the sight of his supper and shooting is delayed by 4 hours as the producers have to use the jaws of life to rescue him from the exerbike.
12/2/2000 Shooting is once again delayed by further plot holes. The holes are plugged with punch lines and shooting continues.
13/2/2000 Trajedy strikes as actor/constable "Greg Doucet" is not found on location in Sidney, BC at the specified time. Producer "Colin Phillips" acts quickly to make a cardboard cut out of the constable, but the constable shows up just in time for shooting.
13/2/2000 Constable "Greg Doucet" is uncooperative and has to be jailed for 3 hours delaying shooting for 2 of those 3 hours. The hour not wasted was spent filming the producers making fun of Constable "Greg Doucet".
13/2/2000 Producers begin shooting the "Police Chase Scene" only to get into an actual police chase. The irony is too much for producer "Colin Phillips" and he suffers a triple heart attack with cheese. Shooting continues.
12/2/2000 Dates are found to be out of order in the "Movie Information" page.
13/2/2000 Shooting is completed at the above locations.
15/2/2000 Editing begins. Silliness ensues.
17/2/2000 Teaser trailer #1 is released for public consumption. Fans crave more....
22/2/2000 Official Bad Thugs 2 website is inaugurated. Servers are overwhelmed by the staggering hourly number of visitors.
24/2/2000 Trailer #2 is developed and released to the entertainment starved internet community.
28/2/2000 Bad Thugs 2 begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange (BT2).

The scheduled release of official Bad Thugs 2 action figures and Taco Bell novelty cups is delayed due to personality conflicts between the producers and the Taco Bell chihuahua.

3/3/2000 Trailer #2 is released to the ART360 starved entertainment community.
3/9/2000 One week before release. Fans are feverish (especially those with the flu).

Official premiere time and location is announced for CRB (Classroom Building) C103 on Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 18:30 PST.
Possible second showing still in debate.

More to come

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