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Paco Y Paco : Paco Y Paco Unplugged 
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1. opening soundcheck Burshtyn Hembruff 0:13

2. What a Good Boy Burshtyn Hembruff 4:06

3. Mr. Jones Burshtyn Hembruff 4:07

4. Time of Your Life Burshtyn Hembruff 2:29

5. he's slow Burshtyn Hembruff 0:11

6. Zombie Burshtyn Hembruff 2:59

7. Needs Burshtyn Hembruff 4:39

8. Red-Hooded Sweatshirt Burshtyn Hembruff 3:10

9. that sucked Burshtyn Hembruff 0:08

10. A Million Dollars Burshtyn Hembruff 5:43

11. Rainbow Connection Burshtyn Hembruff 3:00

12. Home for a Rest Burshtyn Hembruff 2:43

13. two slows make a right Burshtyn Hembruff 0:15

14. Canadian Rose Burshtyn Hembruff 4:12

15. you have lovely bongos Burshtyn Hembruff 0:10

16. Thank You Burshtyn Hembruff 3:47

17. a rap session Burshtyn Hembruff 2:26

18. Enid Burshtyn Hembruff 3:28

19. hurting Burshtyn Hembruff 0:15

20. Superman Song Burshtyn Hembruff 3:54

21. Stay Hembruff Burshtyn 3:10

22. doom Burshtyn Hembruff 0:11

23. Venice is Sinking Burshtyn Hembruff 3:45

24. still f!@#ed Burshtyn Hembruff 0:16

25. You Will Be Waiting Burshtyn Hembruff 4:36

26. forestfire bear Burshtyn Hembruff 0:21

27. In Your Image Burshtyn Hembruff 2:58

28. you can do it Burshtyn Hembruff 0:10

29. gettin' fancy Burshtyn Hembruff 0:23

30. Hotel California Burshtyn Hembruff 3:48

31. Waiting at the Wall Burshtyn 5:15


Date: May 12, 2001
Label: Digital Fish


May 12, 2001
It's all in place: the spiky songs of frustration replete with staccato rhythms that jam and spar with sassy vocals (often peppered with trademark lusty whoops and howls), and the more sentimental, pensive numbers, topped with either delicate or lush instrumentation and earnestly sung at a stately pace in a voice heavy with lovesickness and idealism. All set in the most perfect, ultra-modern sound that digital technology can provide.

It is Paco Y Paco's first studio album in over sixty-seven years, and if "P-Y-P unplugged" sticks to a formula then it is one that set the standard for pop-R&B, if not invented the genre, with their groundbreaking 1912 album, Cooking with Peppers.

As with many pop culture leaders -- Madonna instantly come to mind -- Burshtyn and Hembruff accurately read the times here, whilst adding their own mark. Bravo!

Hanonny Muss
CDNOW Contributing Writer

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